Clavimusic Piano Studio

Piano lessons in the Vancouver area
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Teaching Style

The lessons are highly customized depending on age, personality, musical tastes and experience.

Good posture, freedom of movement, quality of sound, and efficient practice habits are constantly emphasized at any stage of piano skills development. Good technique, based on natural fluid movements, is essential for prevention of strain and injuries. Technique, however, is only a useful tool in the constant quest for authentic musical ideas.

RCM and other examinations are encouraged whenever there is an educational benefit like providing more structure, clear goals and enforcing the sense of achievement. It is also to be acknowledged that examination pressure is not always suitable. Some students develop better within a more relaxed environment.

Other performance opportunities, such as monthly recitals, festivals and small group workshops, are available at other venues as well. Everyone is encouraged to participate in those.

Beginners and elementary students are introduced to piano playing and to music fundamentals (reading, ear-training, etc.) simultaneously. Creative expressions, such as improvisation, are always encouraged.

Intermediate students are gradually exposed to more challenging repertoire and different stylistic features. There is an enormous variety of music written for this level, a lot of it underused. Choosing the correct repertoire and studies is very important for the well-rounded development of technique and musicality.

Advanced students can benefit from the extensive performance and academic experience of Stanislava. Wide variety of repertoire is explored in detail. Adaptation of appropriate technique to the best possible expression of the musical content is the main focus at this level. Music compositions are studied in a broad cultural context.